Full Lace Base Unit:

If your main preference with a hair system is that it looks natural looking, a full lace base is exactly what you need. HizHair offers a number of full lace men’s toupees including French lace and Swiss lace that offer the most realistic and natural look throughout the entire head and not just the front hairline. Additionally, these full lace hair systems are also breathable making them ideal for those who are active, play sports or are in warmer regions. Select lace hair replacement systems for men from our collection of human hair pieces.

1.Offers “Breathability” allowing those that sweat to air out the unit with the tiny holes of ventilation.

2. Easy to style with a natural looking scalp as if the hair is growing from your scalp. 

3.Can be braided.

4. Unit life may only last 3-6 uses with proper maintenance.

5. Much more difficult to clean.

6. Lace can be easily damaged if mishandled.

7. Hair on Lace sheds if mishandled or combed improperly.


Full Poly Base:

Poly base toupee hair system — also known as a skin base hair system or thin skin hairpiece — is made of pure polyurethane material. ... These hair systems are generally some of the thinnest and lightest bases with many offering a very natural and realistic look for the wearer.


1.This unit does not offer any breathability  as a lace. 

2.Unit life may be 7-9 uses with proper care and maintenance.

3.The and hair on the base could shed if mishandled and combed improperly.

4. Needsto be maintenanced every 2-4 weeks


If you’re looking for a base that will provide a natural look on the scalp, comfort and next to no maintenance, the poly skin base is exactly what you’re looking for! Superhairpieces offers plenty of skin base hair units, including some of the finest thin skin hair systems on the market such as the M101, M111 and the HD111.

Our men's human hair toupees (hairpiece) cover areas of your scalp that are affected by hair loss or balding or thinning hair or more specifically, male pattern baldness. Check out our collection of ultra thin skin wig, poly skin toupee, v-loop and lace front hairpieces.

Any questions or concerns about our products, please feel free to contact us via email.  HizHair@yahoo.com